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World Mining is a British company operating on cryptocurrency mining market. We are working with bitcoins and its rapidly developing alternatives: lightcoins and forks. The World Mining company has the most powerful industrial and private facilities for a successful and productive mining. We have a well-equipped data center located in natural environment: natural cooling, additional upgraded cooling system, cheap electricity, which is taken directly from HPS. Our management organized the company and became also among its first investors. All of them are professionals in the cryptocurrency market. At the beginning of data center operation, the company conducted mining for own needs. With the official registration, since October 2017, we are now heading for new horizons and development opportunities. With own solid base of cryptocurrency, we are giving our servers for rent. We offer very loyal prices for the servers rent. All servers gain very good interest payments, and our company provides legal and economic guarantees and 27/7 support. World Mining is open for mutually beneficial partnership. Today, the company is on track to expand: we are buying new equipment which will help to increase competitiveness and improve the performance of mining efficiency in tough competitive conditions. From the economic point of view, at this stage mining solely for own needs is a rather complex task. The best option is: the delivery Server rent.


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